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We sell different hair and cosmetic products, such as weavo-on, wigs, attachment, in wholesale and retail quantity.

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our Various Services

here are some of the services we offer.

attach new


We have 100% human hair attachment and synthetic attachment at a very low price to meet the demands of our clients.


We have 100% human hair wigs and synthetic wigs at a very low price to meet the demands of our clients..


We sell different types of weave-on such as curly weave-on, bonded weave-on, human hair weave-on etc.

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Our Price List

A list of our services and their prices as shown below


mesh ----------------- N6,000+
polyurethane ------- N8,000+
combo ----------------- N10,000+
weft units ------------ 15,000+


indian weave ----------------- N8,000+
Malaysian Weave ------------ $15,000+
Peruvian weave -------------- N20,000+
Brazilian weave -------------- N30,000+


Passion ------------------- N1,500+
Noble --------------------- N1,800+
Ladystar -------------------- N2,000+
X-pression ------------------ N2,500+
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Sharon Harper, Femina Miss Asia